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I am in a tricky position regarding my Test spot: Rohit

STAR BATSMAN Rohit Sharma knows that he is in a "very tricky position" but wants to utilise the upcoming Sri Lanka tour and the subsequent tour of South Africa at home to cement his spot in the five-day format. 

"I stand in a very tricky position. I definitely want to do well in every Test match I am playing but it's not easy knowing how Test matches are played these days. It's a challenge and I love challenges. The Sri Lanka series and after that we have a lot of series in India. It will be great opportunity for me to go and perform there," Rohit told 'bcci.Tv' today. 

Elaborating further, he said:

"It does bother when you don't get runs in Test matches but I don't want to keep sulking about it. I want to look forward. Now I am looking forward to the Sri Lanka series. I am a positive person so I only look forward to good things. I hope I can change things around a little bit (in Sri Lanka series) for me and my country. I don't need to prove anything to anyone." 

For Rohit, who failed to score a half-century in his last 12 Test innings, the Test cap after a long wait is "priceless" and he doesn't want to give it away so easily. 

"It was quite frustrating knowing that I was going to make (Test) debut in 2009 and I had to wait for 4 years after that. It's never easy because you work hard to get that Test cap. But I was happy with whatever I was doing. I was still playing ODIs but Test cricket was something which I wanted to play then. 

Rohit said that the Test cap is real a prized possession for him. 

"It (Test cap) is very priceless and very close to me. I don't want to let that go so easily. No just me you ask any cricketer, nobody wants to lose that spot. You know how much you need to work to get that spot. Test spot never came to me very easy. I had to wait for 6 years in fact. 

"I was scoring heavily in Ranji Trophy but we had a strong middle order that time and I knew I had to wait. I was never frustrated. My aim was to keep doing well in Ranji Trophy and ODIs for India. I knew if I keep doing the right things I will get my Test spot," Rohit said.

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