Asian Games: India progress in Esports, big fixtures coming up tomorrow

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Update:

India's Ayan Biswas clinches Top 16 place before suffering a tough defeat against Yeh Man Ho of Hong Kong. Mayank Prajapati also exited the tournament on the opening day.

Both Mayank (MiKeYROG) and Ayan (AYAN01) started the tournament from the Round of 32.

Ayan clinched a sensational victory by 2-0 against Nguyen Khanh Hung Chau of Vietnam to start his campaign on a winning note before going down in a hard-fought 1-2 defeat against Alrayfal Abdulrahman Salem A of Saudi Arabia in the Winners Bracket Round 1. He then beat Vietnam's Nguyen again by 2-0 in the Losers Bracket Round 2. However, he fell short against Yeh Man Ho of Hong Kong in the Losers Bracket Round 3 and bowed out of the tournament.

Mayank began his tournament against Rajikhan Talal Fuad T of Saudi Arabia and fought valiantly in a fiercely contested 1-2 defeat. He then endured another loss against Al-Mannai Abdulla of Qatar by 0-2 and exited the tournament.

Asian Games Tomorrow Esports Schedule:

The nation’s star-studded League of Legends team which has been seeded directly to the quarter-finals will begin its campaign tomorrow September 27. As a result of dominating the recently held Central and South Asia seeding event and clinching top seed, the team has gained direct entry into the Top-8 of the tournament and will face Vietnam in its tournament opener.

Indian League of Legends Team - Akshaj Shenoy (captain), Samarth Arvind Trivedi, Mihir Ranjan, Aditya Selvaraj, Aakash Shandilya, and Sanindhya Malik

Timings of the Match - 2 PM Hangzhou time and 11:30 AM IST

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